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This fight can't be won alone, won't you join us via your support?

Register to walk with us NOW!

We are always looking for new advocates in our fight for a cure.  

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Won't you join us in making a difference?

Did you know there are over 50,000 Illinois and NW Idiana residents living with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, known collectively as inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). IBD affects men and women equally and can affect any racial or ethnic group.  Most patients are diagnosed between the ages of 15-35, but IBD can be diagnosed at any age.  The fastest growing patient population is under the age of 18. 

The Love Laila Foundation's Crohn's & Colitus Walk of NWI includes food, music, vendors, and family activities that will briing people from all across the Chicago area and NWI to join together in fun, solidarity, and purpose.  If you are a business or a community organization, we are in hopes that you will support this event in whatever capacity that you can; make a donation, be a route sign(s) sponsor, sponsor a team, encourage your clients or membership to participate, provide a service, or promotional goody bag item to make this second annual walk in Northwest Indiana memorable.  All donations are tax deductible.

We know your time is valuable to you!

...and we respectfully want you to be as effective as we collectively can be in this fight!

When's the best time to register?

That would be right now my friend! Please click the register and/or the Donate buttons above to help us in the fight.

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